MicroTouch™ ClearTek™ Capacitive Touch Screens

Better By Design
Known for innovative technology and products, 3M Touch Systems has leveraged decades of capacitive technology experience to create the MicroTouchTM ClearTekTM II Touch Screen. Based on a complete re-engineering of the 3M-patented Profile design, the ClearTekTM II Touch Screen offers optimized optics, facilitates display integration and creates a more environment-friendly touch screen.

ClearTekTM II touch screens, combined with the solid foundation of MicroTouchTM EX II electronics and robust MicroTouchTM software offer high endurance solutions for a multitude of touch applications where exceptional performance, vibrant optics and environmental robustness is mission critical, 24/7.

The Clear Difference
3M Touch Systems offers a wide portfolio of touch technologies and touch products with a commitment to ease of integration, responsiveness, reliability and simplicity of use. With its world-class support and service organization, 3M provides expert technical consulting service and support wherever any of our products are designed, integrated or delivered. It is this complete solution approach that ensures remarkable compatibility and exceptional service, backed by 3M.




  • Excellent light transmission of 91.5% (+/-1.5%) provides vibrant optical characteristics with optimal anti-glare properties
  • Designed for flat panel displays, ClearTekTM II offers easy integration with a narrow border and robust tail bond
  • Resilient top coat provides smooth, easy glide surface while offering durable scratch resistance
  • The accuracy, durability, and fast touch response expected from a MicroTouchTM ClearTekTM product
  • Performance unaffected by everyday contaminants in the environment

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